After doing this course I have gained a deeper understanding of HTML and definitely CSS. As a sophomore in highschool my computer class required us to make a website from scratch using HTML. It has been a long time since I had coded so this program was a nice refresher course on the basics of HTML. It gave me a better understanding of how to make lists and how to truly format HTML code so that websites look clean and professional. I think the most important thing that was that it taught me CSS. I think using CSS really allows for stylization that the HTML index does not really allow for. Codecademy did not just cover a basic format it also taught me how to format things in 2 or 3 different ways. I feel confident at this point that by following codecademy’s instructions I could create an entire website from scratch. I really understand how important certain formatting standards are. Borders are really important and really can make the page. Colors can also really make or break a page. If I have a black background using grey or brown lettering would not be the best course of action, the CSS process lets me mess around with the colors and see which will really enhance the page.