ENG 110

ENG 110 English Composition

Course description from a students point of view:

This course allowed students to enhance their writing skills as they explore topics such as the troubled middle, animal rights, and fast fashion. Students also learn to edit and provide feedback for other students and gain the ability to revise their writing. Majority of the class will be group work and discussion with only the essays being individually written.

Course description given by the University of New England:

“This course introduces students to writing as a conscious and developmental activity. Students learn to read, think, and write in response to a variety of texts, to integrate their ideas with those of others, and to treat writing as recursive process. Through this work with texts, students are exposed to a range of reading and writing techniques they can employ in other courses and are introduced to fundamental skills of information literacy. Students work individually and collaboratively, participate in peer review, and learn to take more responsibility for their writing development. Placement into this course is determined by entering SAT (or ACT) writing scores or by successful completion of LAC 010.”


Key things I learned in ENG 110:

  • How to revise and peer review in a speedy and efficient manor.
  • What fast fashion is and what it is doing to the world.
  • Why hacking can be beneficial.
  • How important animal rights are.

Course Work: