Daily Create #tdc1963

Daily Create #1963 60’s Fashion!


I decided to do this daily create for this week because I love fashion and the 60’s are some of my fashion inspirations, especially when it comes to styling. I chose Twiggy because as a girl I learned about Twiggy from America’s Next Top Model and became obsessed with the big doe eyes look, then when I cut all my hair off I decided to do a Twiggy-esque photo shoot in my room. Because of this I thought it only right that I pay tribute to this international supermodel for this daily create. My process was fairly simple, I knew the iconic picture of Twiggy I wanted to use and I found it here: http://www.fashiongonerogue.com/1960s-hairstyles-celebrities/ I then searched my own archives for my Twiggy photos and added it to the tweet to show my personal connection to the topic at hand.




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