DS106 Selfie With Pet

This ds106 assignment was to take a selfie with your pet. I have a husky mix named davinci who is very photogenic but makes it incredibly hard to take a picture with. My parents both assisted me with getting this picture such as shaking food in front of his face so he’d look at the camera, this was challenge number 1. The next challenge came with my need to always do more than is called for, I decided that I wanted to swap our faces so that I’m the pet and he is the human, sadly this is easier said than done. I ended up using https://faceswaponline.com/composite to switch our faces, I tried using several photo editor apps but none would let me use a cutout tool for free so I ended up using this website. I had to upload the picture 3 times in order to place our faces over each other. I thought this would be an easy task but it ended up taking me around 20 minutes to get the faces as they are now. This is the original picture:

The size difference made it even more difficult to change the photo around but I feel that it adds a layer of creativity and uniqueness to the photo by changing the faces.


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