PSC 200

PSC 200 Intro to Political Theory

Course description through a student’s point of view:

Starting with Rousseau examine the political evolution and be able to succinctly write about the ideas of each political theorist. Read pieces by Rousseau, Tocqueville, Marx, and Nietzsche. Free will and governmental control are running themes through this course. Based on the arguments of these theorists develop your own opinion on free will and governmental control.

Course description by the University of New England:

“This course examines a selection of the most profound and influential works of Western political theory from Plato (4th Century BCE) to the present day. We will study what different thinkers have had to say about the meaning of justice, order, the good life, the common good, freedom, and democracy. A continuous theme of the course will be political legitimacy; under what conditions and on what grounds may governments claim the obedience of their citizens? The objective of this course is to understand and critically evaluate the arguments of different theorists, and to reach your own reasoned positions on the issues raised by them.”


Key things I learned in this course:

  • The ideas and thoughts of the aforementioned political theorists.
  • Be able to write in both a creative and analytical way.
  • Engage in debate with classmates in a respectful manor.

Course work: