DS106 Remix Guinness Book of World Records


This was a CHALLENGE. I first had to select the record which was not too challenging, I chose the farthest distance to blow a pea. However I then had to edit some photos to add to the page. I am determined to figure out GIMP but it is just very difficult. I even tried downloading a program to switch things to being similar to photoshop but I just could not figure it out so I switched over to InkScape again. This program was pretty simple to use for this assignment and I had my new photo in five minutes. I had some struggles exporting but that’s because I was trying to export it wrong. Now comes to the part where I really struggled, actually remixing the page. I could change the words very easily it was a breeze. Then I spent an hour trying to get my photo to upload in place of the current photo. I added it to both Facebook and Flickr to gain URLs but it was not working. After an hour of trying everything I could I tried one more thing with the Facebook link and it worked so I published it and began to breathe again. Honestly I don’t think I will be using x-ray goggles again anytime soon.

P.S. This is a project everyone should do early because it can be really time consuming and challenging.



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  1. Looks like you’re really struggling with the image editing tools AND hyperlinking for images. I can’t help with GIMP, but I do think the tutorials online can be really helpful. When you find what you want to do, google for a tutorial. It won’t be exactly what you need, but you can usually extrapolate and learn a lot as you work through it.

    Regarding the images not showing, this is a link issue. Basically, one has to have server space with the image in it, a URL for that image (the hyperlink address), and the ability to use the element.

    I think that assignment really NEEDS some student to write up a tutorial to help people out. I think you stumbled upon the link issue by putting the image in facebook and using that URL to get it in your page. (I think I did it by either uploading to my google drive OR into the course website – I don’t recall.) Next time, I think I’ll offer some “hints” to help point people in the right direction. I didn’t make the assignment, and I didn’t put tricks into it. But I can see the complications.

    Regarding the challenge, this DS106 was a “2 pointer,” so I knew it would take a good bit more than the “selfie with a pet” project.

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