DS106 The Big Caption

I know most of your reactions to this may be that of anger but aren’t our posts supposed to cause waves and discussions to occur?

With that preface out of the way, I chose this picture from http://www.bostonglobe.com/news/bigpicture it was celebrating the 100th birthday of JFK. The idea of the project was to twist a picture into something it was not. This clearly looks like a very serious and captivating speech, not a girlish exclamation of trip plans and excitement. We all know that JFK was assassinated in Dallas and it was one of the great tragedies of our nation. I have a very twisted sense of humor and because of that and my love for history I decided to make this my big caption meme. I used an online caption adding website, that you can reach here.  Though some may see this is poor taste we must learn that not everything can be to everyone’s agreement and that we cannot let that stifle your creativity.



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