DS106 GIF into a FIG

First off I want to say thank you to Eric Binnion, his blog post allowed me to figure out why my GIFs were not playing when I would upload them, I now know how to make them work and I am very thankful for that.

I thought this project was a fun idea, reverse GIFs are something I have seen around on the internet but have never messed around with creating them before. I used giphy.com to find the original gif.

This is a GIF from Rupaul’s Drag Race which is one of my all time favorite shows! The drag queen in the GIF is Laganja Estranja, she is known for her death drops which is what she is doing above. I thought it would be interesting to reverse the death drop because it looks as if someone is pulling her up with a string.

In order to reverse the GIF I used ezgif.com, it is a really simple program to use and it allows you to do more than just reverse the GIF.



One thought on “DS106 GIF into a FIG”

  1. Great! I’m now seeing that you solved the issue. Suggestion: Go back in and revise the rational/discussion on your earlier GIF for DS106.

    This is a nice FIG. It also looks like the kind of GIF that might loop really nicely up AND down. That’s not the assignment, obviously, but she could really look like a puppet that way. Fun stuff.

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