DS106 Color Walk Time Line


I really struggled with this assignment. I have never used Flickr or Timeline before so it was all a learning experience. Even with the video tutorial I struggled with how to upload my photos from Flickr to the Google spreadsheet. Once I thought I had figured it out I still ended up with a blank white slide directly after the title slide. Besides the challenges I faced I did enjoy this project. I originally chose orange because I thought it would be fun to hunt out this color and it turned out when you start looking for a color it begins popping out everywhere. I saw orange all around me but I had to be selective so as to not overload my timeline with too many pictures. I brought my dog along with me on this walk which is how I was able to get a picture of the cat hissing, if the dog was not with me I would’ve had a picture of the cat right in front of me.




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